Bas Kosters wins 50.000 euro with the ’poetic mode’

Designer Bas Kosters has the eighth Cultuurfonds Mode Stipendium: 50,000 euro and a challenge trophy. The award for fashiondesigners was in 2011 at the Prince Bernhard cultural Fund set up by an anonymous patron of the arts.

Bas Kosters

Bas Kosters “is doing on a deep personal way, many right to the medium of fashion and brings with it a continuous ode to the essence: awareness of and respect for the human dimension”, judged the jury. “Kosters’ handwriting combines effortless simplicity and poetry”, so there is more in the report about the designer of the colourful work.

Kosters, who have received training in Arnhem and Enschede, has just released a new collection: HOPE. “HOPE is a fresh start, rebirth, sunny side up, but also for I-had-better-have-to-know. HOPE is for a leader who will take you, or someone you a dream to sell. HOPE stands for your ideals that you share, and where you’ll be fighting,” explains the designer himself.

Kosters considers not only fashion, but also, for example, installations and performances. Previous winners of the scholarship are, among others, Jan Taminiau (2013), Iris van Herpen (2016) and Ronald van der Kemp (2017).

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