Armada Trump on the way to Syria

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Twelve American warships are on their way to Syria. Four large hunters, including the USS Donald Cook would be currently in the Mediterranean Sea. Since the invasion of Iraq in 2003, the United States has not as many large ships at a time used. –

USS Harry S Truman

Four destroyers, including the Donald Cook, Porter, Carney and Laboon with the two nuclear submarines Georgia and John Warner are on the way, according to the Daily Mail.

USS Harry S Truman

Also the USS Harry S Truman is deployed. This nuclear-powered ship has ninety aircraft on board and will be accompanied by a group of smaller ships. This would be through Europe on their way to the Middle East.

The tension to walk on since the poison gas attack in Douma. After harsh words from the Us president, Donald Trump seems to be military action inevitable.

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