Actor Will Ferrell to hospital after car accident

61b2c97bcb9ee193e18d3dd4948cbb66 - Actor Will Ferrell to hospital after car accident

Actor Will Ferrell (50), known from movies like Anchorman and Step Brothers, has Thursday night in a car accident in Orange County in the U.s. state of California.

Ferrell was a passenger in an SUV, along with two other passengers. Their car would be on the side hit by another car. Then Ferrell and the other passengers for control to the hospital.

The actor was after the accident, still when knowledge. On a photograph is to see that he was on a stretcher and phones. According to TMZ was one other passenger there is a lot worse. The woman would violently have gebloed.

The entertainmentwebsite has contacted the spokesperson of the actor, which reports that the circumstances are going well with him and that he has no serious injury has suffered the accident.

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