7 talents and special guest stairs first studioshow of Belgium’s Got Talent, off

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“In the past weeks we saw during the auditions, a lot of talent, a lot of joy and… much flannekes pass”. Koen and Laura are now ready for the next step. Because from Friday, april 13 switches on Belgium’s Got Talent up to a higher gear with seven spectacular shows.

The 42 selected candidates are sharp, because they all hope with the grand prize of 50,000 euros to go home. Also judges An Lemmens, Stan Van Samang, Niels Destadsbader and Dan Karaty set the bar for the talents to be even higher. They may at the end of each show, one finalist, identify, the other determines the viewer at home. That can still until midnight to vote for their favourite act via sms to betaine 6677 or for free via the VTM-app.

In this anniversary edition of Belgium’s Got Talent, every week there will be also reflected on a talent from the past seasons. Karolien Goris, the 11-year-old singer the first series won, as the first special guest on her ‘comeback’. Now the not so little girl blows with Havana of Camila Cabello after 5 years everyone over with her singing.

Twice (13-15 – Ingelmunster), the very young Golden Buzzer from Stan, that much praise was given, not only of the jury but also of the viewer, sits in the first show. Their sting is not under chairs or sofas that they love the final would get. Can the golden dansduo the high level of his audition match?

“We are not just a danscrew, but also a close-knit family”, say the boys and girls of NSJ Crew (10-18 – Brussels). And you see that on the stage. The energetic hiphoppers deal with a flashy choreography on There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back Shawn Mendes.

Roel Ringoet (31 – Steenhuffel) provides a very strong piece of magic in the studio. The jury wanted more spectacle and entertainment of see him and that is what they will get. Even now, he invites An Lemmens out to assist him on stage. “I call it our second date”, winks.

Go with that banana! The Lillies (9-10 – Sint-Pieters-Leeuw), the youngest and cutest dance of the season, this time also quite decked out. They can imagine themselves being in the jungle, where they again their best dance – and turnwerk show. But the little girls their nerves to conquer on the big stage? “We are already keiveel time to go to the toilet to go”, a giggle they.

Veni, vidi, vici: that is the motto of The Alici’s (28 and 30 – Ghent). He beatboxt, she sings, “a perfect match”, says the couple itself. A giant chandelier drops Nicky down to the appropriate Chandelier of Sia.

With their swinging and rousing gospel music knew Refreshed (18-59 – Vilvoorde) during the auditions the jury to address. Also on the big stage they plan their hearts out to sing. The tips of the jury, they have carefully taken into consideration and their act is totally ‘refreshed’. The church choir is with Price Him ready for musical fireworks. Hallelujah!

With its breathtaking act to the 6-meter-high Chinese mast threw Gilles Thiry (26 – Bost) high eyes during his audition. “But I can do much zottere do things,” says the former circus performer himself. Viewers with a fear of heights will have their furniture is undoubtedly be more firmly clinging as Gilles rises… and is down again to drop it.

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