UN: kill abused for propaganda

BANGUI – The United Nations, have criticised demonstrators which seventeen seem to be left behind at the UN headquarters in the Central African Republic. “We condemn the fact that some people’s bodies to use as a kind of propaganda,” said a UN spokesman told the BBC.

Demonstrators let the bodies Wednesday at the headquarters of the UN mission in Bangui. It went according to demonstrators, to the remains of civilians who were killed during fighting between UN troops and armed gangs.

“We shot back

The UN spokesperson denied that allegation and said that it was going to be the bodies of armed criminals. “They fired on our peacekeeping forces and we shot back,” he said. “Some people use bodies to assert that we citizens have been killed.”

The peacekeepers started recently an operation to armed groups to disarm in PK5, a moslimenclave in the mostly christian capital Bangui. The inhabitants had, according to the UN complained about extortion and violence.

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