Threatening language Siem direction Luuk

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Siem de Jong (29) laughs as he is a fictional moment from PSV-Ajax will be presented. It is 0-0 in the 93rd minute. PSV striker Luuk de Jong (27) only on Ajax keeper Andre Onana and has the kampioenstreffer on his shoe. In the Philips Stadium you can hear a pin drop. Brother Siem can him plugging.

Siem de Jong won earlier this season with Ajax with a 3-0 of his brother, Luuk, and PSV.

“I’m slightly faster than Luuk, but of course without the red card to grab the ball of his foot,” says the oldest of The Young, the other resources also is not afraid. “As it should, goes down.”

Siem is proud of Luuk de Jong, as he emphasizes in the canteen at sportpark The Future. “And I give it to him outside the field, everything.” But that brotherhood is Sunday, for a while, to put aside.

“We are going to do anything to the kampioensfeest of PSV to disturb,” says the confident Ajax-player. “And if Luuk would scale grabs, I will him in any case, a few days not more follow on social media.”

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