This is the winning World Press Photo

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AMSTERDAM – A photo of a Venezuelan man who is on fire during violent protests against president Nicolás Maduro in Caracas was voted the best picture of the year. Photographer Ronaldo Schemidt made the picture in his homeland and is the winner of the World Press Photo 2018. The prestigious photo contest are also three Dutch photographers in the awards.

The winning image shows the famous running of the 28-year-old José Víctor Salazar Balza with a mask on his face. Large flames come from his body. The photo is made on may 3, 2017 during confrontations with the police. The man caught fire when a gas tank of a motorcycle exploded. He has the incident survived, but ran first and second degree burns.

The jury praises the “classic” plate Schemidt, who works for the French news agency Agence France-Presse, for his energy and dynamism. “The colors, the movement, and the composition is very good, it has power,” says jury chairman Magdalena Herrera. The photographer gets 10,000 euro.

In other categories of the contest, attacked this time three Dutch in the prices. Kadir van Lohuizen (NOOR Images) won the first prize with his series Wasteland in the category Environment. He brought up the waste in six cities in the map.

Carla sphere man got the first prize in the category long-term Projects with its documentary series “Ich Bin Waldviertel”, which they have been in the prizes at World Press Photo. Jasper Doest finished in second place in the category Nature, with his series, Sacred No More about Japanese macaques.

Something else

The publication of the World Press Photo had this year, a new set-up. So were the nominees in February published and found the unveiling of the winner during an award show in Amsterdam. In total, sent this year 4548 photographers from 125 countries 73.044 photos in for the 61st edition of the race.

The work of all nominees is from Saturday to be seen at the annual exhibition in The Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam. This is the first place where the more than 160 photos to see. The exhibition then travels the world over.

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