Third witness speaks in case Bill Cosby

Janice Baker-Kinney is the third woman who under oath stated abused by Bill Cosby. The former television star would have her at a party in 1982, the drug Qualuudes have given, they are used in combination with alcohol. Because of this, they got a blackout and she was to say naked in bed awake next to the actor.

Right: Bill Cosby Wednesday, after the lawsuit.

“I realized that we have no clothes, and were in bed. I felt something plakkerigs between my legs, which I suspect had we that evening, before sex had”, says Janice. “I was embarrassed to death to be facing him, because I those pills himself had been adopted and a total of not more knew what happened afterwards was. Therefore, thought I was a cop and said that I was on the line and was probably out was gone.”

When the then 24-year-old Janice the house wanted to leave, where they spend the night with Cosby had spent, blocked the door and said that she is here with no-one was permitted to speak. “This is something between you and me, so keep your mouth about it.” Also stated the woman that they ever previously Qualuudes had taken, and from that was ’the good stuff was, because Bill Cosby said that’. “In hindsight, of course, incredibly stupid and naive, but I trusted him. I felt that I after a while dizzy, and then the light is gone out. When he has me abused.”

The case against the once-beloved ” Dr. Huxtable’ is not yet at an end; there will appear in the coming weeks, a number of women in the court to get their story to explain to do.

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