The BAND-singer Paskal Jakobsen opens restaurant

Paskal Jakobsen is restorer. The singer of the BAND opens later this year a restaurant in Middelburg, reports the Provinciale Zeeuwse Courant (PZC).

Paskal Jakobsen and his wife Doortje.

Paskal, get the catering with his wife Doortje and some well-known Zeeland movers and the shakers’. Who is that, the singer still for a moment. “We expect everyone to go and surprise you with our concept.”

Paskal thinks that his restaurant at the end of september, beginning of October to open. The building in the centre of Middelburg, that the singer in February bought, don’t need to grown to be. “Actually, we’re going with the decor and atmosphere to the battle. But really remodel is not necessary. It was already quite cool.”

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