Stormy Daniels asks for more money in case Trump

Porno Stormy Daniels, whose real name Stephanie Clifford, has more money for her case against Donald Trump to finance. This is reported in The Blast. Stormy launched on march 14 a crowdfundingsactie, where people of money could be deposit to help her with the legal fees to pay.

Stormy Daniels

Originally, the action this week end, but the porn star has extended by one month. To date, she has translated more than three hundred thousand euros was raised, but apparently that’s still not enough to itself to protect against the legal team of president Trump.

“I need the money to protect myself, and my costs to cover. I want to freely speak about what happened, without that I’m afraid have to be that I’m financially in trouble. I want to emphasize that all donations are managed by my lawyer and not in my bag disappear. I am grateful that there are many compatriots that is also the truth table want to have and me this support,” said Stormy on the site of its crowdfunding.

Trumps lawyer Michael Cohen was last week, a visit from the FBI, that his accounts seized. Cohen is suspected of possible bankfraude and irregularities with campagnefinanciën. He paid the Stormy in the amount of 106.000 euros for her silence about the sexual affair she has with Trump would have had during his marriage to Melania. Trump says ’nothing known’ of this payment.

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