Sons Winston and Renate Gerschtanowitz may luxury not to take for granted

Winston and Renate Gerschtanowitz are aware that their two sons, Julian (9) and Benjamin (7), growing up in luxury, but hope their children to give that that is not normal.

“My children both have a private bathroom and as long as she can remember with a swimming pool in the garden,” says Winston Gerschtanowitz in JANtje.

“I think it’s great that I have the opportunity they have to give. But they also need to be aware that this is not normal. As soon as the course is going to be, I turn directly to the faucet.”

According to the presenter that his wife is Renate there might still be more alert than he. “They let themselves in hell realize that they are privileged. That’s really special and bold cool is that they have a swimming pool in the garden.”


The 41-year-old Gerschtanowitz says his success is due to hard work, but also to have luck. “Business or financial success is often a matter of the right time to make the right choices. That you can’t enforce it. Be thankful for what you have, and even more importantly: know that the really important things are not for sale. If I that they inkrijg, they are already a far way.”

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