Sharon Osbourne: Ashton Kutcher is an annoying guy

Sharon Osbourne as co-host of the popular American tv show, The Talk, quite a few celebrities at the table and in most cases, this made for fun interviews. Except in the case of Ashton Kutcher, with whom she not good able to find. “He had a huge nasty attitude and was downright annoying,” said Sharon when she this week was a guest at Larry King.

Sharon Osbourne, Ashton Kutcher

“It went wrong when I got his name wrong at the beginning, he was pissed off about. Then he looked at me with a look of: what have you actually achieved in the entertainment industry? Well, then you have come to the wrong address and that I have to let it show. I thought, ” boy, you have no idea with whom you are dealing with,” said Sharon.

Ashton is not the first celebrity to whom Sharon is critical. Last september, she gave her frank opinion on the Kardashians, that she labelled as ” a bunch of whores that just nude posing’. “These girls earn money with their body, where half of LA over it is gone. They make and sell sekstapes, wear transparent clothes, and give a wrong signal to women. Look, if this is what they want: great. But don’t say that feminism has to do, then come just for that you are a whore you are.”

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