Russia mistrusts statement Skripal

LONDON – Russia is perplexed by the British police published statement of Yulia Skripal. The daughter of a former double agent Sergei Skripal had no wish to make use of the services of the Russian embassy in London. Also, she wants to currently not with the media talk.

The diplomatic post reacted skeptically on those communications. “We would like to determine that it really is going to be a statement of Yulia”, “respond” to the embassy. “The text is in a special way and prepared for the official statements of the Uk authorities to support it. At the same time ruled out that Yulia contact with the outside world.”

Yulia Skripal is earlier this month discharged from the hospital and is at an unknown location. The British government hold Russia responsible for the attack with nerve gas on the woman and her father in the English Salisbury. The Russians deny being involved. The embassy calls upon the British with evidence that the Russian Yulia free to go wherever she wants.

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