Prison for man who spread panic with ‘koekjesbomgordel’

BRUSSELS – The man who in June 2016 spread panic in a shopping street in Brussels with what became a false bomgordel turned out, is sentenced to a prison sentence of two years, half of which is conditional. The court explained to him in addition a fine of 1800 euros.

The bomgordel proved to be salt, and biscuits. The twenties had the police called with the story that he was kidnapped and someone bomgordel of distance would blow up in a shopping mall. The area was cordoned off. The man known quickly that he that he had invented.

Shortly after the attacks of march 22, 2016 in Brussels, the man the police already called, with the story that he was involved in the attack on the airport in Brussels. Also that he had from his thumb being sucked.

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