Pope gives “serious errors” after clerical-abuse scandal in Chile

96fbb86d7b4931a4a29fd675a05ea838 - Pope gives "serious errors" after clerical-abuse scandal in Chile

Pope Francis on Wednesday admitted that he is ‘serious errors’ made ‘in the assessment and perception of a clerical-abuse scandal in Chile. That he has made clear in a letter addressed to the bishops in the Latin-American country.

The pope had in January, during a visit to Chile, the defense of Juan Barros, a bishop who is suspected of the sexual abuse by a priest to have covered. Francis then declared that the victims Barros accuse of aiding and abetting, are guilty of slander. Later he sent the Maltese archbishop Charles scicluna worked as envoy to Chile to investigate the case.

In his letter to the 32 Chilean bishops write to the pope now that he is “pain and shame” feels about statements that he about the abuse has done. He refers, however, not explicitly to Juan Barros.

The pope also makes clear that he is the victim of abuse in Rome would like to meet.

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