Not 3, but 6 coaches in The Voice Kids

It is drumming in the swivel chairs of The Voice Kids. In the new, fourth season is in the works will, after all, not 3, but 6 coaches the auditions blind review. Sean Dhondt may, after 4 seasons expert in the matter, and also Laura Tesoro returns as coach. The competition is however increased with the advent of new valves. No one less than Gers Pardoel and the ladies of K3 will be the young talents, assess, and guide. Who can find the strongest voices for his team?

The ladies of K3 knows like no other how it feels to have a full studio and a jury to audition. With Q3, basting them in the meantime, the hits to each other, and they did the past few years tons of experience that they gladly share in The Voice Kids. Also the popularity of Gers Pardoel shot the past few years through the roof at the young audience. Carrier, Louise, I bring You: the young and the old sing the songs loudly. Gers knows perfectly what it takes to be an audience to entertain.

Q3: “It will undoubtedly be another exciting and wonderful adventure. We know all three very well how it is to audition and participate in a contest. That experience, we certainly may be able to use as coaches in The Voice Kids. Let those talents but because we are ready for it!”

Gers Pardoel: “I feel already a long time, very welcome in Flanders. Since For the Love of Music have I really embraced it. I look very forward to my experience as an artist and producer to be able to share with the young talents of The Voice Kids. I hope them musically to inspire and it wouldn’t surprise me if they will also be able to do with me. And of course I want that my team wins!”

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