Mariah Carey writes memoirs

Mariah Carey is working on a new book. The singer says, according to Page Six in the memoir on bipolar disorder which she suffers from.

Mariah Carey

The psychological disorder was seventeen years ago with her adopted, but the singer was there Wednesday only outside. Also in its immediate vicinity knew but little of people of Mariah’s disorder. “There was a small group of people who truly care for her made,” says a source to the entertainmentsite. “But they took gradually more and more away.”

With the help of therapy and medications is it now a lot better. “The drugs work pretty well. They make me not to get tired or slow. Finding the right balance is the key,” said Mariah just after they had announced.

It is not the first book for Mariah. In 2014, she brought together with her husband Nick Cannon a children’s book from: Roc and Roe’s Twelve Days of Christmas, and in 2017, she came up with a children’s book in the eponymous movie based on her x-mas song: All I want for Christmas is You. When the book about her life story appears, is unclear.

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