Man robs bank for Taylor Swift

A man from the Us state of Connecticut has done its utmost to impress on his great heroine Taylor Swift. And that in a unique way.

Taylor Swift was not at home when her big fan the loot from his bank heist wanted langsbrengen

He decided to take a bank robbery in the town of Ansonia. With his loot, he drove to the home of the famous artists in Rhode Island. Because she was not at home, he could not want the money issue, but also knew that the resourceful fan or a solution for: he threw the money over the fence.

The police, which put him on the spot arrested, outdated the motive of the bank robber. “It seemed that he Taylor Swift at the wedding wanted to ask”, said the spokesman of the police of Ansonia. “When she was not at home, he wanted her now, to impress, hence the money over the fence.”

The crook, Bruce Rowley named, told this itself spontaneously to the police when she was picking him up and back to Ansonia. Vice versa turned out to Swift no idea who Rowley was. And or the owner of the villa to the value of 21 million euro under the impression this was the share of the $ 1600 in the garden ended up? Probably not.

Nobel was the thief in any case. Of the remaining money was he going to have been also a part to donate to the police.

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