Macron: “We have evidence that Assad behind poison gas attack was

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The French president Emmanuel Macron has said to ‘have proof’ that the Syrian president Assad behind poison gas attack last Saturday was. ‘France will in due time answer, latch on to it yet.

“We have evidence that chemical weapons were used and that they were used by Bashar al-Assad, says president Macron in an interview with the French channel TF1. He also says to consult with his American colleague Donald Trump about military intervention, and reiterates that the US and France closely cooperate.

On the nature of the weapons used says Macron is still that is certainly chlorine, was used against the Syrian people.

“We do and will do everything to make Syria a maximum, stability. France will be an escalation of the conflict not to allow, but we will regimens that all afford not to tolerate’, it sounds still.

Macron had already repeated that the use of chemical weapons a red line is crossed and that, if necessary, with military attacks will be answered.

In the attack on Douma, in the rebellious eastern Ghouta region near the Syrian capital, Damascus, came Saturday dozens of people to life. Videos of burgeractivisten showed faded victims, panting, in tears, with dilated pupils and no longer able to body movements to master.

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