Macron despite spoorstaking no shrinkage

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PARIS – The French president Emmanuel Macron despite the ongoing spoorstaking no shrinkage. “We go through to the end,” he said Thursday on the tv channel TF1 about the reform plans of his government.

Work stoppages impose since the beginning of this month the train a few days per week, flat. Commuters and tourists suffer much inconvenience from this. The conflict over the improvement of the staatsspoorwegbedrijf SNCF, which should cut costs and modernise, is far from resolved. Friday and Saturday is discontinued.

“The SNCF remains 100 percent public ownership,” said Macron. He pushed this arguments aside that the company, which is deeply in debt and might be privatized. It is, however, that the French railway network, such as at the European level, agreed upon, open to competition.

The French president praised the reforms that Deutsche Bahn has already made in neighbouring Germany. There is the service is enhanced, there are more routes come in addition to the large treinverkeersaders and the number of passengers increased.

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