Line and account for Vermeer

Once again a big setback for Kenneth Vermeer. The goalkeeper, who are starting at Feyenoord lost due to heavy injuries, has a tendon in his thigh is torn and this season is no longer in action for Club Brugge.

Kenneth Vermeer in the next period and watch for Club Brugge.

The Belgian lijstaanvoerder has Vermeer in the second half of the season rented from Feyenoord. After a faltering start, knew the five Orange-international first goalkeeper to Club Brugge. Over the past seven games he got under the bar and he was at his club even elected player of the month.

Later this week, is determined or Vermeer under the knife for his bovenbeenblessure. Club Brugge has in the lease agreement with Feyenoord an option to purchase on Vermeer stipulated.

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