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Lewis Hamilton apologizes to Max Verstappen for ‘acorn award’, the Dutchman responds laconically

Lewis Hamilton has turned in China when Max Verstappen excused for his acorn award. The Dutchman responded remarkably mild, but Verstappen also had to mean that his driving style despite the incident would not adjust.

During the GP of Bahrain reason Verstappen and Hamilton against each other. Verstappen had to then specify because his F1 car to be seriously damaged and was, Hamilton could be even further away. The British F1 champion was, however, not to speak about the contact with Verstappen.

When Hamilton last Sunday, after the end of the race in the waiting room at the award ceremony he was waiting he was suddenly the images of the collision on tv. Hamilton called Verstappen then live on tv was a ‘dickhead’, or ‘a jerk’. Hamilton did not realize that his statement live on tv was broadcast.

Hand shaking

There was a lot to do around the pronunciation of Hamilton and the Briton has today during a handtekeningensessie in the pitlane of the F1 circuit near Shanghai excused at Max Verstappen. Hamilton sought Verstappen in the pit lane, shook hands with him, and then then.

Hamilton showed across diverse media know that in the future he better on his words will pay attention, all hear the emotion now once in the sport, especially right after an intense race. Verstappen had the past few days already understand that it was probably a statement in a spur of the moment and that he there is not much offense to it took.

Driving do not adjust

“At that moment, he just got out of the car, then these things happen sometimes,” said Verstappen. “When you get out of the car are you still full of adrenaline.”

Verstappen also had to mean that his driving style despite the incident would not adjust. Quite possible that in the near future we re an intense battle between Hamilton and Verstappen will see.

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