Julie Of the Stone too noisy?

4edc72dc9b4d481301b244f03f0e6225 - Julie Of the Stone too noisy?

MNM-voice Julie Van den Steen got a note from her neighbor. On Instagram she shared a photo with the following words: “Hello, Julie, we can find you a lot of fun, but can you make less noise please? You laugh very, very loudly …” This text ended with “The Neighbor”.

It should be with Julie, the Stone is very, very cozy home to her so hard to laugh. Of noise because of parties or such, there is however no question. Fortunately, the radiostem there to laugh and post them Janice from Friends. That character was by some, loved found, while others of her but nothing found. That had a very strange smile.

Text: Nico Vanaken

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