Jessica Biel had trouble with the c-section by her plan to give birth

The star hopes to be an example for other mothers who have the same experience.

Jessica Biel struggled with feelings of failure after her caesarean section because they prefer to, of course, was to give birth.

The actress had in 2015 under the knife at the birth of her son Silas, who together with her husband Justin Timberlake greeted, and afterwards tells them that it is time to accept that he was not born the way they wanted to.

The experience has taught her to challenges around parenting be more accepting.

“That was a very transformative period of time, because I have such a clear plan in mind,” she tells Entertainment Tonight. “I thought, so it’s going to happen, but everything happened exactly the other way around and it was a great lesson in knowing the future.” It taught her to be flexible, that she plans sometimes need to change, and not on the path should go or if they have a good day.

The American actress is hoping that her original birth plan was ever to experience.

“I have just enormous awe for women who have a natural childbirth behind the back and if I ever get the chance to do it, I would love to,” she says. “And, if it does not happen, it is also not very. I no longer feel that I more female or more mother’s will, or that I failed my mission because my body did not do what it should do.”

The 36-year-old Biel used her experiences to other mothers to reassure.

“I think it’s important to talk about these things, because around the motherhood and birth so much shame and guilt is wrapped. It is important to say that this happened. I’m here and that he is here, and that is exactly what needed to happen.”

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