Germany is not in military actions Syria

BERLIN – German chancellor Angela Merkel to close out that her country are participating in military attacks on Syria. They said Thursday that Germany would do everything it wants to do, to make it clear that the use of chemical weapons is unacceptable.

The French president Emmanuel Macron in an interview said that he has proof that his Syrian counterpart Bashar al-Assad behind attack was with poison last Saturday in Syria, but Macron wants, not that France does things that the situation in the Middle East continue to escalate. He said, however, to have contact with the American president Trump about possible military actions.

Trump has Thursday, his rhetoric about the probable gifaanval toned. Or Saturday in Douma, a devastated and for many years besieged suburb of Damascus, chemical weapons were used and by whom, is still unclear.

Assad has Douma now totally under control. He warned the West not to take steps to help the region to further destabilize. His government denies chemical weapons use. The ’terrorists’ would do it yourself to western action against Assad to provoke.

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