Entire Bassie en Adriaan-series in one go to see in cinema

5bb964061d8fa65d013f44b8ca0c390e - Entire Bassie en Adriaan-series in one go to see in cinema

The series of Bassie and Adriaan are not yet to see on streaming service Netflix. The request is now “in the high bosses in England,” but a decision is still to wait. To fans of the duo to meet, organize 3FM-dj’s Rámon Verkoeijen and Mark van der Molen a Bassie-en-Adriaan-marathon.

On Ascension day, Thursday may 10, at the VUE cinema in Hilversum, the whole series is The journey full of surprises, from 1994, broadcast. Fans can, in the presence of Aad van Toor, at one time, all of the episodes. The acrobat took for the occasion the original caravan, the car and Robin the Robot. Bas van Toor, Bassie, the eight hour marathon because of his poor health not to attend. Mark and Rámon will be between 16.00 and 18.00 live from the cinema broadcast.

The two, that the middagshow on 3FM provides, began two weeks ago, an action to all of the series of Bassie and Adriaan on Netflix to get, after an initiative from one of their listeners on Twitter. They find that the series of Bassie and Adriaan for every Dutchman is easily accessible should be.

Bass (82) and Aad (75) of Toor broke in the sixties as acrobatenduo The Crocksons and traveled all over the world with their famous stoelenact. Then they went to as Bassie & Adriaan further. The two were 35 years seen in a large number of television series, including The Teaser, The Diamond and The Secret of the Key. Recently, there was a huge box with all Bas and Aad van Toor ever made for television. Also the duo made in 2015 still a movie.

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