Elton John cracks the current generation of musicians off

Elton John is not very pleased with the quality of the contemporary pop music. The British singer will find that the current generation of musicians cannot earn a decent song, more can write.

Elton John

“I wish that people with better numbers would be to write”, says Elton John told the BBC. A lot of music is made with the computer and that takes the artist a great loss. “You lose as a musician the skills to be a song to write.” In the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s, it was very different from the one according to the singer, even in ’the worst songs’. “Nowadays, there are a lot of songs in the charts that I can’t sing, the only beats.”

The 71-year-old Elton hear his own music is hardly even on the radio. “It is now the turn of others, but that is frustrating,” he admits. Last week he released two albums, Revamp and Restoration, in which well-known artists songs of Elton John played. He hopes that his music, as young people who do not know. “And then they will maybe go exploring to the earlier music of us.”

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