Dutch police shoot suspect down near Belgian border

In the Dutch Goirle, adjacent to the Belgian ravel’s, have police officers in the night from Wednesday to Thursday, a suspect shot after a chase in the border area with Belgium.

About 1 hour noticed police officers to a suspicious van in Tilburg. When the two occupants wanted to keep, and tore it away. They drove just across the border with Belgium and came back in the Netherlands. During a long chase through the forest in Goirle, they rode and they ran on foot away.

The police shot showing one of the suspects down. An ambulance was called to treat him. In what state the person resides, is not known. He is in the hospital, but according to the police accountable. He has been arrested.

The other suspect is still on the run in the border region. The police have a helicopter is used, in addition to search dogs and a local ranger.

It is not clear which of the persons suspected to be.

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