Dutch co-production in selection Cannes

709d6e8e2e8d9ffb82f189173c91e574 - Dutch co-production in selection Cannes

The film, Rafiki from director Wanuri Kahiu is selected for the Cannes Film Festival 2018 in the category Un Certain Regard. That have producer Tinkle and Film distributor Cinemien Thursday reported.

The movie, starring Samantha Mugatsia (Kena) and Sheila Munyiva (Ziki), will be at the festival, her world premiere experience. Rafiki (what a friend) tells about two women who, despite the political rivalry between their families, together to resist the oppressive society in which they live. When the love between them flourishes, the pressure is unbearable, causing the two girls to be forced to choose between happiness and safety.

Un Certain Regard is the second official selection of the festival, besides the competition for the Golden Palm. The 71st edition of the Cannes film Festival will take place from may 8 to may 19, 2018.

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