Charlize Theron got depression after they had arrive to camera roll

Charlize Theron had quite a weight for her role in the comic drama Tully. The actress had to take many carbs to take in, but thus got to say depressed.

That explains the 42-year-old Theron in conversation with comedian Chelsea Handler for the magazine Elle.

“It struck me this time heavy,” says the actress, who for the second time in her life, pounds had to unwind for a roll of film. The first time was for Sample, the role for which it won an Oscar. “When I Sample, filmed, I was 27. I stopped three weeks with snacking and I had my old weight back.”

That’s what happened this time. Theron says that she “all the time at” for her role in Tully, a mother of three children. “I love carbohydrates, but I she was really on the stack. I ate and drank so much sugar.” Therefore, she started feeling bad. “I had for the first time in my life, a depression. It felt like I was me in a dark cloud was. It took a long time before I’m back to normal feeling.”

Body visit

Theron says that they do not understand that fellow actors refuse to gewichtstransformatie for a roll of film to undergo. “For me that is exactly the joy that I have from this work get. You will get the chance to the body to visit someone else.”

That would mean the South African actress said she doesn’t encourage herself. “But I can’t imagine that I have this character play without it. That fatigue you are experiencing, the way you feel about your body, how your face changes. Everything: your hands, your fingers, your shoe size.”

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