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Bundesliga – Red lantern Cologne changes for the next season of coach

Cologne, the hekkensluiter in the Bundesliga, the contract of his coach Stefan Ruthenbeck not extend. Both parties have Thursday to decide the cooperation after the end of this season to end.

Ruthenbeck, 45, began the season as coach of the U19. After the resignation in december of Peter Stoeger, which is now Dortmund’s coach, he was responsible for the first team. Under his leadership, took Cologne 18 to 45.

The team is after 29 matches, eighteenth and last with 21 points. Wolfsburg, on the safe fifteenth place, counts with five matches to go and 8 points more.

Or Ruthenbeck next season in a different position at Cologne, but it is still unclear.

According to local media would Keulenaar Markus Anfang, trainer of resembled Holstein Kiel, favorite to Ruthenbeck.

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