’Brotherhood put to a lot of friends on the guest list’

After earlier this week it became known that the concert of Brotherhood in the Sparta stadium continues and the released production company MIM Productions of this debt, there may be a new chapter to the story are added. MIM Productions, says that not she, but Brotherhood is responsible for the payment problems, which indirectly led to the cancellation of the second Brotherhood & Friends-concert

Yesterday put Brotherhood on social media a statement in which it claims that the concert is cancelled because of problems with MIM Productions. The production company would last year in the first concert of Brotherhood in The Castle far over the agreed budget are gone. “Further research then brought to light that many of the parties by MIM Productions remained unpaid”, as stated in the declaration. “Behind the scenes, the members of Brotherly consultations with the manufacturer to make the resulting deficits to be cleared. After a thorough evaluation of the concert of last year, we have still decided no more with the company want to cooperate.”

Today let MIM Productions in a press statement to know that, according to them, the fork else is in the stalk. “The basis of the problem lies in the first edition of the concert. It soon became clear that we all loss would suffer. According to Brotherhood because we are over the budget had gone. This information is correct, however, is not. The cost is always the same. MIM has the budget is not exceeded, but revenue fell. Because many koopkaarten converted to guest list, at the request of Brotherhood. In addition, the concert was officially sold out, but there were still thousands of cards over. That was quite a big loss.”

Soul and salvation

When the losses became known, according to the manufacturing company of discussion between the three parties, MIM, Brotherly and booking His Link, on the distribution of the resulting hole. “And there we are, MIM Productions, not released. At the same time kept the accounts to MIM and on a given moment we have the suppliers are forwarded to Brotherly and His Link. (…) We really day and night heart and soul given to this project. Everyone that was involved, can confirm this. Apart from the fact that we are not in the losses to meet have come, we also do not receive anything for our labor, more than 2500 hours from our entire production team. Most hurts the that we this as a trap after get, after all our hard work and commitment, no payments, no fair sharing in the losses, but the message on their Facebook as a thank you.

The us cartoon is now an alternative concert to organise an event in Ahoy, that need to take place on 22 september. “The good news is that Brotherhood does not intend to all the fans (and themselves!) a great spectacle to take away from. Anyone with a ticket for Brotherly & Friends 2018 is welcome in Ahoy”, as stated in the statement of the group to read.

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