Block is looking for support to Moscow for prosecution MH17

THE HAGUE – Russia must cooperate with the prosecution of the perpetrators of the shooting down of flight MH17 to re-confirm. That is to say that the purpose of minister Stef Blok (Foreign Affairs) on his visit to Moscow Friday.

,,The prosecution of the perpetrators of MH17 is at the top of the agenda of the cabinet”, said the minister a day before the visit. He hopes to have a open conversation” with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov over the issue.

The Kremlin has increasingly sharp criticism had on the investigation of the disaster with MH17, in which 196 Dutch citizens were killed. Moscow attracts the independence of the international research in doubt. The missile with which the aircraft was shot down came from Russia, and the launch went later to the back.

Bloks predecessor Halbe Zijlstra would actually be in February already to Lavrov. He resigned because he had lied about a meeting with the Russian president Vladimir Putin. ,,We must wait and see how much they want to look back. My commitment is to look ahead,” says Block about it.

On the agenda is the war in Syria. Block wants the Russians to participate to a cease-fire to get there and to ensure that humanitarian workers have access to the civilian population. The situation in Syria, he called ,,dramatic”.

The relations between the Netherlands and Russia over the past years of hard decline. Last month put the government two Russian diplomats out in retaliation for the attack on the former double agent Sergei Skripal in Great Britain. The Russians put two Dutch diplomats.

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