Bella Thorne earns $ 65,000 per Instagram post

f4685975d3ff6d8d64c75cca77bbf2bb - Bella Thorne earns $ 65,000 per Instagram post

The American actress Bella Thorne has revealed that they post on social networking websites Instagram less than $ 65,000 – a small 53.000 euro – deserves. They bought in 2016 for a luxurious villa to complete with revenues from social media could pay.

Most of us are happy if one post 50 likes and a handful of comments, but the 20-year-old Disney star from ‘Shake It Up’ can count on an impressive army of followers where the ordinary mortal can only dream of. On Instagram has Thorne preferably 17.3 million followers, her fan page on Facebook has almost 10 million followers.

In a documentary of the lifestyle magazine Vogue, ‘The Life of Bella Thorne’, is she doing a book open about the financial side of her social media accounts. During a telefoongesprekje under the watchful eye of the camera, the viewers Thorne cheerfully tell you that they are less than $ 65,000 per Instagram post opstrijkt. “Not bad, eh?”, it sounds then. Further reveals the actress also added that she on Snapchat also, each time on a 10,000 – $ 20,000 (8,000 to 16,000 euro) can count.

Thorne tells in the documentary that Instagram for her a real full-time job. “I started on my 18th with literally $ 200 in my bank account, and a year later I have a house bought, that all of social media.” Thornes house in Sherman Oaks (Los Angeles) cost reportedly around $ 2 million, or 1,62 million euro.

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