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After the heady Champions League is tonight it’s the turn of the Europa League: this is on the game!

After the (turbulent) quarter finals in the Champions League, tonight it’s the turn of the quarter finals in the Europa League. In that competition, playing no Messi, Ronaldo, De Bruyne or Nainggolan but however, there is still a lot to do. And there is one more fellow countryman active.

Red Bull Salzburg

12/04 21:05

Heenwedstrijd 2-4

SS Lazio

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Lazio Roma tonight (21u05) to ensure a place in the semi-finals of the Europa League. The team of Red Devil Jordan Lukaku defends RB Salzburg to a 4-2 victory from the heenwedstrijd.

Ss Lazio, third in Serie A, is a handsome series of seven matches without defeat busy. Jordan Lukaku struggled the past month with a knee injury, but it was Sunday for the first time back on the documentation match sheet to the Romans. He remained during the 1-2 victory at Udinese on the bank. The last European semi-final of the Biancocelesti dates back to fifteen years ago. In 2003 killed Lazio in the then UEFA Cup in the last four against the later winner, FC Porto.

Top priority for Arsenal

CSKA Moscow

12/04 21:05

Heenwedstrijd 1-4


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At the same time, Arsenal for her second leg at CSKA Moscow, after a 4-1 win in the Emirates Stadium. The Gunners have of the Europa League – and the accompanying admission ticket to the Champions League next season – a top priority. With a sixth place, thirteen points behind the number four, the troops of Arsène Wenger in the Premier League won’t stand a chance in the race for a Champions League ticket.

The Gunners defend for CSKA Moscow to a 4-1 lead from the heenwedstrijd. That seems like a safe starting position, but AS Roma proved Wednesday night in the Champions League that it is very possible to come back from a beaten position. Radja Nainggolan and co won the match with 3-0 to FC Barcelona, after the heenduel also 4-1 to have lost…

Angry Sporting-chairman

Sporting CP

12/04 21:05

Heenwedstrijd 0-2

Atlético Madrid

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Atlético Madrid draws with a bonus of two goals to Lisbon for a showdown with Sporting. Sporting president Bruno De Carvalho revealed last week to be absolutely not satisfied with the 2-0 defeat in Madrid and criticized openly his cast of actors. That may Thursday try to produce are wrong to prove.

Also L’TO be full to the bak

Olympique Marseille

12/04 21:05

Heenwedstrijd 0-1

RB Leipzig

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Olympique Marseille finally, it should be in the own Stade Vélodrome full to the box against RB Leipzig. The Germans won at home with 1-0. Marseille made the most of the Europa League as a main goal and would like the final play in the neighbouring Lyon. The last European final of the South of French dates back from 2004, when she was in the final battle of the UEFA Cup, the worst were beaten by Valencia.

The draw for the semi-finals is Friday afternoon (12: 00) takes place in Nyon.

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