500 Thai victims of road accidents in one day

BANGKOK – In the busy traffic on the first day of the celebration of the Thai new year, Songkran, Wednesday five hundred victims of road accidents cases. Thai media reported that there were 447 accidents have happened involving 39 deaths and 461 injured.

This is just the beginning of what is called “the seven deadly days.” The traditional festival Songkran lasts a week and leads to many road accidents. The minister of Tourism and Sports, Weerasak Kowsuwat, said Thursday that the cause of 40 percent of the accidents in excessive alcohol consumption was, and in more than a quarter of the cases, it is too hard driven. The majority of accidents were motorcycles.

The Thai authorities try to the accidents in the seven deadly days to be limited by more stringent checks. More than 3300 people are on Wednesdays at special roadside checks picked up because they are drunk behind the wheel sat. The controls are as yet not very successful, because on the first day of the Thai festival, there were nearly 10 percent more accidents than the previous year.

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