’Versailles’ stops because of too much sex

London – The Canal Plus series Versailles will not get a sequel because viewers in France and England complain about too much sex scenes.

Viewers are put off at Versailles because there are too many sex would be

The French company has announced to stop with the series, writes The Sun.

According to the newspaper was the English public in the early ’best excited about the many pornographic scenes. But apparently they have enough of it, because at the end of season two looked up now but a million people per part. Also in France, where they were a little more used to it, plummeted in the ratings.

To the reviews, in any case not located. Versailles got almost unanimously good reviews.

The most expensive ever in France produced series now stops at the moment of Lous XIV the monarchy.

For the lovers: the last series has yet to begin on BBC2.

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