’Trump wants to disobedient Assad to punish’

RIJSWIJK – The United States seem to be heading in a new attack on the Assad regime in Syria. What are your hopes on the American president Donald Trump to achieve in the conflict-torn country? America-expert Willem Post of the Clingendael Institute: “This solves the situation in Syria. But it shows that with Trump not to be trifled with.”

’The missiles are coming”: that the threats uttered Trump Wednesday via Twitter. He made clear that the Americans have wakened to the suspected poison-gas attack in the town of Douma to repay. Trump gave last year in green light for a similar retaliatory action. When attacked the USA a Syrian air base with dozens of cruise missiles.

It plays according to Post is an important role that Assad is “disobedient” has shown to Trump. The Syrian leader, despite the previous American bombing again a chemical attack carried out on its citizens. “Now, the American attack is stronger, because he (Assad) obeyed, not with a lighter attack.”

’Trump is wars of grondoorlogen’

That means, according to the America expert, not that Trump new troops to Syria will send it. The president gave earlier just to sending troops to wanted to recover that now Kurdish allies support. “Trump is wars of grondoorlogen and sending many American soldiers.”

Trump was, according to Post very critical of the American military action in Afghanistan and Iraq. “That cost a lot of money and was not a victory for America. And Trump loves to victories”, said the expert. Therefore a missile strike is now more obvious: “This falls into the category of one-time action, but a hefty, to get Assad and Putin a tap on the nose.”

’Extreme language’

Post emphasizes that the “extreme language” of Trump over the past year and a half, often by moderate actions is followed. Yet, according to the Dutchman, things have changed in the White House. So his moderate advisers left, while hawks and national security adviser John Bolton is correct to a place at the table.

An attack on Syrian targets would be the U.S. on a collision course places with Russia, that threatened American projectiles out of the air. It was, according to Post wise, been to the OPCW investigation into the alleged poison-gas attack. “For the Russians to show: that is the evidence.”

’Emotion plays a key role’

It is also the question of whether the expected intervention in Syria is part of a long-term strategy of Trump. Post: “Emotion plays an important role for him. He is in the business world has always been: he’s bluffing and threatens. These are the tactics of Trump.”

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