Trump: the rockets are coming

DAMASCUS – President Donald Trump has an American attack on Syria announced. He responds to the Russian announcement to any of Us missiles from the air to shoot. “Get ready, because they are coming.”

“The missiles are on their way: nice, new and ‘smart’!”, wrote Trump on Twitter. “You don’t need a partner, a beast that people will kill with gas and smult.”

This refers to Trump on an alleged poison gas attack by Assad in Douma, a devastated and embattled suburb of Damascus. The world health organisation suggested on Wednesday that there are five hundred victims in hospitals with signs and symptoms of exposure to toxic chemicals.” Russia, however, stuck to the band with president Assad.

With his tweet seems to Trump for to sort on a big clash between Russia and the Syrian army of president Assad on the one hand, and the United States, supported by other western countries, on the other.

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