The New Stradivarius wins prize of tv festival

The AVROTROS program, The New Stradivarius is in the awards at the New York Festivals World’s Best TV & Films. The program, with Dominic Seldis as a presenter, won in the category Variety. Other contenders in this category were big American tv events like National Memory Day Concert and A Capitol Fourth.

After the Tenth day of Style in 2016 and The secret of the Master in 2017, this is the third year in a row that a AVROTROS program at this prestigious festival in the prices.

The New Stradivarius was in June last year on NPO 2 broadcast. Six musicians came together with renowned instrument builders the challenge to develop their ideal instrument to shape and build. Double bassist Dominic Seldis, also known as a member of Maestro, brought the builders and musicians together.

“Fantastic to be a part of this winning team. I think it’s great that a program about craftsmanship stands out in an international jury and distinguished,” says Dominic Seldis. “This program revolves around music in its purest form. It was an honor to be with passionate musicians and instrument makers, that sometimes a dying profession sports, the tv audience a unique glimpse into their world.”

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