Starring Peter Paul Muller in new series

Peter Paul Muller plays the lead role in the new AVROTROS-drama series Morten, named after the book series of Anna Levander (pseudonym of Dominique van der Heyden) and Annet de Jong. The actor plays the ambitious politician Morten Mathijsen, as has the broadcaster announced.

The series tells the story of Morten on the way out seems to be the prime minister. His party, The New Liberals, does surprisingly well in the polls and the media and his colleagues to follow him on the foot with a frown and a smile. There is a dark thing from the past his reputation to harm.

Jean van de Velde and Barbara Jurgens have the books edited, eight-part series by Van de Velde also is directed. Morten must be the beginning of 2019 on television screens. The recordings have now started.

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