Slovenians furious to Kimmels ’Melania joke’

The joke that the American presenter Jimmy Kimmel last week in his latenightshow made about the focus of First Lady, Melania Trump, is totally wrong cases with her former compatriots in Slovenia. “It is very difficult for us to speak English and Melania does it very well. Let Kimmel but even here, then we will sometimes see how Slovenian speaking to him in ruins.”

The inhabitants of the village of Sevnica, where the roots of the First Lady are proud of ’their’ Melania and cross their admiration for her and her husband, Donald Trump, therefore, not under the chairs or benches. There are ’presidential burgers sold, as well as a First Lady, apple pie. Also, tourists can visit a special Melania tour through the village. According to the Slovenians will learn Melania, her son Barron Slovenian speak, what at them of course, falls on good soil.

Kimmel offered earlier this week via Twitter his apologies about the joke. He placed Sunday, a post on Twitter that he a quarrel, wanted to end between him and Fox News presenter Sean Hannity. Who had him attacked on the jokes, then the two together through their tv programs and Twitter in the hair flew. “Though I must confess that I enjoyed our argument, I realize that this level of interest from both sides, nothing good does, and even harmful for our country. Mrs. Trump has enough to worry about without that they used for ratings, to score.”

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