Saudis save missile – and drone-attacks.

RIYADH – Saudi Arabia on Wednesday a number of missile and drone attacks of Houthi rebels from Yemen chopped off. Top capital Riyadh were some loud explosions heard.

The city of Riyadh.

Eyewitnesses said that smoke were to be seen. The authorities informed a little later by the state broadcaster Al Arabiya that the air defences of the Saudi armed forces an incoming missile was intercepted.

Houthi channel Al Masirah TV reported approximately at the same time that, from Yemen ballistic missiles were fired to different parts of Saudi Arabia. One of them was destined for the ministry of Defense in Riyadh. Another flew towards the southern coastal town of Jizan, according to the Saudi’s also brought down.

The insurgents attacked Najran, which is close to the border with Yemen, with a drone. Target was a distribution centre of the Saudi oliegigant Aramco. The unmanned aircraft is, according to Riyadh time from the air shot. The airport of Abha was the same way-attacked, also without success. The air traffic was not affected.

Saudi Arabia has regularly Iran accused of missiles to be delivered to the Houthi’s. Who have lost ground in Yemen, but still the service in the capital, Sanaa, and regions in the north.

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