Russia does not participate in Twitter-diplomacy

Russia does not engage in ‘Twitter diplomacy’. That has Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in a comment on the tweets of Us president Donald Trump, which he called the Russians warn for an imminent missile strike on Syrian territory. “We stand for the serious approach”, said Peskov to staatspersagentschap Tass.

President Trump sent Wednesday a few tweets to the world in which he and the Russians are unequivocally warned of a missile strike on Syria, an ally of Russia. ‘Brace yourself, Russia, because they’ll come, nice and new and ” clever’, she said. ‘You don’t need to ally with an animal that his people with poison gas to kill and enjoy it!’

The Kremlin is not impressed by these threats. “We do not participate in Twitter-diplomacy. We stand for the serious approach, ” said spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Russian staatspersagentschap Tass. “We believe first and foremost that it is important to now not take the action that the fragile situation even further can do to escalate.’

‘Dangerous escalation’

In the meantime, give the Syrian regime the United States the debt of the ‘dangerous escalation’ of the conflict that the land for years, tearing up. ‘The united states has long been a sponsor of terrorist groups in Syria, citing the staatspersagentschap SANA an anonymous employee of the ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“It is not strange for the American regime, that if air force of the Islamic State has served, to the terrorists in Eastern Ghouta and support their fabrications and lies to use as an excuse for Syria to fall.” Nevertheless, it seems the Syrian army to prepare for an attack, because according to the Syrian Observatory for human Rights makes it his most important military installations will be empty and the Syrian troops in the highest state of readiness.

‘Street fight’

Turkey calls Washington and Moscow, and in the meantime to their ‘street fight’ to stop and think about the millions of lives that are at stake. ‘What are they doing? They threaten each other by writing tweets, ” said first minister Binali Yildirim in Istanbul. The US and Russia to fight, according to him, ” as if they straatjongens’.

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