Quarrel between Mezdi and Fabrizio escalates

Temptation Island keeps the tempers down and the best is yet to come. Thursday gets tv-watching Flanders, the very last campfire for the denouement, and that is yet again violently. What exactly is going to happen, we can’t tell, but that Mezdi and Fabrizio Thursday, a role, that is a fact. The men are not all best friends, that was also on Instagram yet again confirmed. It’s Mezdi high coloring Fabrizio has managed to get a tattoo on the body of Mezdi’s (ex-???)girlfriend Daniëlle. He is all in all easy to tax by the seducer, to the great surprise of Mezdi. Who responded a few episodes ago by the way with the message that he has a tattoo with his name on the forehead of Fabrizio would place if the tattoo of Danielle really are. And that is so really really. The two muscles may not by the same door, that much is clear. Fabrizio showed himself to be last week of his jealous side after Danielle is not with him but with a different tempter tempting was dancing at a party. Those images put Mezdi on Instagram with the message “Only VriEndSgApuLuk” or in Dutch ‘Only a friendly’. Let Mezdi not because he shared a video showing how one teaches children a wolf drawing. His girlfriend Danielle got from Fabrizio namely, a tattoo of a wolf on her body. Fabrizio decided to still respond by the message “Lucky for me I can DRIVE home later #sorrynotsorry” with a picture of a car. Touché for Mezdi recently received a driving ban of the court due to reckless behavior. Mezdi decided to respond with the message “Calm Yo Tits, Junky” and “Smile and the world smiles back”. And then it was silence on the other side. But something in us says that this story is a sequel. With Danielle as a bet.

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