Privacywaakhonden diving on social media

BRUSSELS – European privacywaakhonden go together to develop a strategy for dealing with social media that collect and use personal data. Following is the datalek for Facebook allowing user data in hands came from data analyst firm Cambridge Analytica.

The working group of European databeschermingsautoriteiten (WP29) has on Wednesday decided in Brussels.

The netherlands is represented by the Authority Data. The WP29 announced the investigations carried out by national watchdogs, under the guidance of the Uk Information Commissioner’s Office, in full support.

“A socialemediaplatform that many billions is worth and simply sorry to say is not enough”, says the Austrian werkgroepvoorzitter Andrea Jelinek.

“What we see today is very probably only an example of a very widespread practice, whereby personal data from social media be harvested for economic or political purposes.” The working group says be aware that app developers and datahandelaren play a role.

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