Mariah Carey has bipolar disorder

Mariah Carey suffers from a bipolar disorder. The psychological disorder was seventeen years ago, when its been established, but the singer is now only in the People magazine to the outside.

Mariah Carey has bipolar disorder

Mariah wanted at the time, not believe it, and sat a long time in the denial, but says there is now open about wanting to be. The singer sought professional help after they have “the hardest years” of her life was undergoing. “It was a heavy burden to carry and that I couldn’t more,” said Mariah, who is currently in therapy and are taking any medications.

“The drugs work pretty well. They make me not to get tired or slow. Finding the right balance is the key,” says Mariah. The singer thought for a long time that they have a serious sleep disorder. “But it was not normal insomnia. I was not awake while I sheep counted. I was just at work, was irritable and had constant fear that people like me in the lurch would be,” says Mariah. “That turned out to be a form of mania.”

Mariah is feeling better, and that was the reason for the outside world to tell that she has a bipolar disorder has. “It can be terribly isolating. But that need not be so. I refuse that it’s my life.”

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