Khloé Kardashian has already contractions

It could just be that the daughter of Khloé previously like than expected. The realityster has premature contractions, reports TMZ.

Khloé Kardashian

It is said that the contractions are a direct result of seeing the cheating of her boyfriend, basketball player Tristan Thompson on a video of Daily Mail, writes the site. Premature contractions are more often a reaction to stress. A doctor specialized in caring for babies, is also already arrived.

Also the whole Kardashian clan is now in the plane to Cleveland: Kim and Kourtney come from the turks and Caicos islands, while the rest of the clan from Los Angeles to happen to you. Mother Kris Jenner was the first on the plane and will probably be Wednesday (Us time) arrived yet.


Khloé would actually prefer to get away from Cleveland, away from the father of her child, writes the Daily Mail, but she’s stuck in the town where the baby wanted to let them grow up. “She wanted the real her and her daughters at home. And now she wants to damn love from Cleveland, but she can’t fly.”

It is also the confronterender that her adulterous friend now also in Cleveland is; are team the Cavaliers a game against the Knicks Wednesday Us time.

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