Judge tears up testament millionaire

Pembrokeshire – A judge has a streak extracted by the testament of a vengeful millionaire who doesn’t after wanted to leave his wife.

The park, the millionaire who is his wife, not a cent wanted to fail

Joan Thompson took 42 years for her husband, but had after the death of Wynford Hodge at the notary’s office to hear that there is not a penny for her reserved.

The millions went to two assistants, who just before his death are still shopping and chores were done for her husband, writes the BBC.

In the testament was that the 79-year-old Joan best for themselves could provide. But according to the court, there was nothing arranged by Wynford Hodge who was the owner of a caravan park that almost two million euro worth. Thompson only had a savings account with a small 3,000 euros.

Hodge died at age 94 on the consequences of prostate cancer. He changed the last years before his death his last will and testament no less than ten times.

The court decided a cottage on the estate of Hodge attributable to the 79-year-old widow. Also she gets more than two tonnes from the inheritance.

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