John Legend knows who Beyoncé bite

John Legend told in the Ellen DeGeneres show that he knows who Beyoncé has bitten.

John Legend

A few weeks ago it was a topic that many twitter users involved: who bite Beyoncé? An actress had in an interview said that the superstar at a party Jay Z in her face was bitten. On Twitter, there were all kinds of hints and suggestions exchanged and Chrissy Teigen caused a fuss by saying that they knew who it was, but not wanted to say.

For her husband, the same applies. Legend wanted to be in the show not even about the subject to talk. The only thing that he let go of the question of whether a famous actress, was that the person is indeed famous. And on the question of Ellen who Beyoncé now would like to bite, ” he replied with humor: “Who wouldn’t want to?”.

The two have taken their information from other guests at the party were. There are more who know and according to Page Six, several sources confirmed that it went to actress Sanaa Lathan. But it is also certain that not yet: it remains the self in each case to deny.

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